Sheffield Personal Trainer
Sheffield Personal Trainer

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  • Decrease appetite & cravings
  • Improve fat burning during rest & activity

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Wellgood Personal Training Sheffield

Specialising in 1-1 personal program design for fast effective weight loss & fitness results.

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What is your One Thing?


Many people attempting to lose weight or increase their fitness try to change everything all at once. I can guarantee you that unless you are an unusually dedicated individual that this is a recipe for weight loss failure. Many people look for a personal trainer near them or join a weight loss or boot camp class. Before you do, follow the advice below. 


Do a 7 day Diet & fluid diary to identify your one thing that contributes 80% of your weight gain. It could be sweets, chocolate, cake, alcohol. Change that one behaviour for 7 days, then identify another One Thing to change e.g. Exercise or drink more water or eat fruit as snacks.


Slimwell & Slim happy at a pace which suits you.


The very best of health


Sam Allen

Master Personal Trainer

Sam Allen, full time physical trainer  based in Sheffield15 years experience as a full time Personal Trainer and former military physical Instructor & athlete. I specialise in weight loss program design combining optimum nutrition and structured training plans for both men and women especially when work, business and family demands are high.

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