Sheffield Personal Trainer
Sheffield Personal Trainer

Is personal training for you? the chances are good that it is. Well done for taking the first steps in recognising that you need help in this area of your life and for seeking personal trainer sheffield the correct advice to achieve your desired long term goals.

I’m a full time personal trainer based in Sheffield, working with clients on a 1-1 basis in my private studio to achieve their weight loss and fitness goals. Personal Trainer Sheffield

Achievable, Challenging, Fun, Progressive, Relevant, Rewarding.

A few words I keep in mind when working with a new client. On starting personal training, you want to know what to expect & how long it will take to achieve your goal. You need assurance that you've chosen the correct personal trainer for the job & that you will have everything you need to achieve & possibly exceed your current goals.

My experience:


The first step is to meet, this will give you the chance to see my gym and for us to discuss your goals & the action required to achieve them, call me on 07888 651392.

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A Few Of MyTestimonials:

In August 2014 I had a near fatal motor cycle accident, breaking my pelvis, top left rib, left collar bone, right wrist and broken finger on left hand with extensive wound and nerve damage on my left hand, leg and foot.


I am now fitted with Titanium bolts and plates in my pelvis and wrist. I was in hospital for 5 weeks and unable to move for 3.


I have been under Sam Allen's meticulous care for over 4 months. I can now do over 100 sit ups, 50 10kg bar bell curls, unlimited squats, single leg or double, and have just walked 2 miles ! I have also had fantastic deep tissue massage from Ben Swain, Sam's partner - a real positive plus to go with the training !


At a recent Yoga workshop in Mexico(Yes, I was fit enough to do the journey - assisted travel ! plus a one hour open boat transfer to the facility!) I was able to climb over 200 stairs three times per day !


If You are serious about rehabilitation or getting Fit and are prepared to work at it consistently, then Sam's Your Man !!! SORTED !!


"Nick Sutherland, Sheffield"

"Dedicated & Professional"
I started with Sam Allen 12 Months ago when I was 25 stone, I am now 17 stone and still losing.


I couldn't have achieved this without Sam and I am forever grateful, I look forward to our next session.


"Chris Steer, Sheffield"

I have been training with Sam for a little over 5 weeks now and have seen fantastic results!


It's not only the fitness side but understanding nutrition is so important for me now.


Sam is so motivational and really takes the time to understand what you are looking to achieve. Look forward to every session -


"Elaine Core, Sheffield"

I have been training with Sam for over a year now and find him to be very professional and reliable.


I have used other personal trainers in the past and I would recommend Sam every time.


Thank you Sam:)


"Valerie D, Sheffield"

Wellgood personal trainers & Weight Loss Consultants in Sheffield have been working with the residents of South Yorkshire for the last 5 years and are continuously achieving amazing weight loss and fitness results.

Our experience speaks for itself with our therapists ranging from ex Olympic Athletes too Ex Army Rehabilitation & Physical Trainers. No matter what your goals Wellgood can get you to achieve your very best results. On average we see 3lb of healthy weight loss every week with our dedicated customers, we know many ways to help you achieve your goals and when the goal posts move so do we, there is no one method approach, we individualise our programmes using the latest in weight loss and fitness techniques.

Our Weight Loss Consultants provide 1-1 training at a place that suits you we even offer an option which doesn't involve exercise at home, the park, work or a place of your choice. No longer is there the need to go the gym because our Personal trainers in Sheffield have a mobile fitness suite and bring all the necessary equipment with them. If clients have their own equipment then a personal trainer can show them how to use the equipment effectively and safely as well as provide them with the necessary training programs for their level of fitness.

Because personal training is becoming more popular it is important that clients source a reputable personal trainer. The process of selecting an appropriate trainer includes evaluating the qualifications of the trainer and their experience in delivering training sessions and gathering further information on the equipment they use, previous clients they have worked with and more importantly how they can help you to reach your own personal goals.

Our personal trainers in Sheffield are highly qualified, experienced at delivering individual training programs that are relevant to each client’s training goals.

Sheffield is a metropolitan city and an industrial hub of the UK. With many people in the city working until 6pm or 7pm every day, they struggle to find time to go to the gym. At the same time it is a recognised fact that everyone irrespective of age and sex should undergo some physical activity either by way of physical work or doing some physical exercise and for such people the innovative method of a personal trainer in Sheffield coming to their doorstep has come as a blessing and a great relief.

The concept of personal training is also viewed as a social measure because in this busy city life people need someone or some organization or agency who can guide them in the process of taking care of their health. But, for the personal trainer and fitness trainer in Sheffield, a certain class will find it difficult to justify. The service rendered by them is invaluable. They bring health to the doorstep of their client. Our fitness trainers in Sheffield visit the client at a time convenient to the client. The client is given health tips, a guide on diet and where necessary further expert advice. Our personal trainers in Sheffield don’t just provide the fitness element of personal training. They are there to help and support their clients outside of training times. Their services include nutrition advice where clients get diet plans as well as training programs to help them with training at times when they do not see their personal trainer.

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