Free Weight Loss & Fitness Advice
Free Weight Loss & Fitness Advice

Weight Loss

To burn fat & lose weight, you need the right combination of the correct macro & micro nutrients. These are Fats, Carbohydrates, Proteins, Vitamins, Minerals, Water & other micro nutrients. Unfortunately our modern diet regularly
falls short of the amounts our body needs.


There are a range of vitamins and minerals required for energy production and fat metabolism. Including, B Vitamins, Vitamin C, Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, Chromium and zinc. Magnesium for example, is necessary for blood sugar control and to utilise
carbohydrates for energy rather than storing them as fat. Zinc together with Vitamin B6 are needed for the body to produce enzymes that digest foods as well as the production of insulin to help stabilise blood sugar levels. Therefore by achieving optimum nutrition levels, you can help keep your food and fat metabolism 100% healthy and functioning to peak efficiency.


This is why, if you have recognised that your vitamin and mineral intake is not as
good as it should be, then take advantage of our 100% Organic Baseline Nutrition Multi Vitamin Formula alongside your Trim well plan.


Sam Allen

Personal Trainer


Personal Trainer Sheffield Sheffield Personal Trainer

Is Salt bad for you?


Absoloutely not, some salts such as normal plain table salt is certainly bad for you although a natural sea salt whichhasn't been processed is a great addition to your health arsenal.


Salt is full of essential minerals which help to regulate many functions in the human body. For example salt is partly responsible for every electrical signal in your whole body including your heart rate and central and peripheral nervous system.


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Fat Burning

Fat burning potential from Vitamin C is boosted in 2 ways:


Number one, it speeds up the fat metabolism process. When performing exercise, strenuous activities or even resting we need energy for all of our bodily processes. A major one of the elements to make this happen is Vitamin C, Mainly because we can't produce Vitamin C without consuming it in our diet. The most preferable form is Ascorbate Vitamin C which is found in deep green leafy sources such as Spinach, Kirley Kale, Cabbage Rather than the form found in citrus fruits which are ascorbic. The only fruit which is citrus and is acidic and then is turned into alkaline in the body making it ascorbate is the vitamin C found in Oranges.


And number two, it has a positive effect on fat storage. The fat molecules are broken down by citric acid, which makes the less likely accumulate and more likely for the body to utilise them for energy. Please don't be tricked into thinking that Fat can be just flushed away, you must utilise it as energy and the most effective way to do this is by performing low level cardiovascular exercise and by providing the body with the correct nutrients and the correct environment to utilise fat effectively.


If you don't provide the correct environment for Fat utilisation then the body will find another energy source such as carbohydrate or proteins "healthy lean muscle mass".


Ginger is another excellent fat-burning food you can use. It is also a vasodilator, meaning it dilates the blood vessels and increases blood circulation, which can significantly boost your metabolism. As a matter of fact, research suggest that people add ginger to their diet may lose as much as 20% more fat than their peers.

Protein & weight loss:

Consuming proteins not only keeps you feeling full for a long time, They're also harder to digest which makes your body work harder burning more calories during digestion. Protein consumption levels depend on the body fat % of the person and the intensity and frequency of his or her training.

Foods you must include:
- Lean meats
- Eggs 
- Beans
- Seeds
- Nuts
- Dairy

Other health benefits of including Proteins:

1) Helps to build muscles, bones and create new red blood cells
2) Reduces anaemia deficiency
3) Improves the nervous system

How does carbohydrate help in weight loss:

Carbohydrates can help you lose weight if you consume resistant starch "Foods which have low impact on insulin release" These carbohydrates help you lose weight by keeping you satiated, burns calories, you are full of energy and reduces cholesterol. Also what many people don't realise is that body fat is never used as energy purely on its own, you must have carbohydrate present to be used alongside Fat.

Foods you must include:
- Oats
- Lentils
- Potatoes
- Barley
- Whole wheat
- Brown Rice

Remember, Food is 80% of weight loss, Exercise alone will definitely not work. Control your portion size and eat until satisfied and not until full. "Need not Greed"

Eating breakfast & weight Loss?

Can eating breakfast make me lose weight?

I have heard people talking about weight loss and the reasons why they can't or don't lose weight for the past 10 years. One of the statements I hear people use is "The reason why you/I don't lose weight is because you/I don't eat breakfast". If you're the type of person who eats large portions of food and are over consuming throughout the day then having breakfast can help control your hunger and hopefully control your food portions. If you're greedy and this won't make a difference then having breakfast and not controlling your portions will add even more to your daily intake which will increase your weight. So, can eating breakfast make you lose weight, Yes, if you control your food intake and choose sensible and healthy food choices for the rest of the day. 

Can eating breakfast speed up your metabolism? Yes, depending on what you have for breakfast. Metabolism is defined by how efficiently you process, absorb and eliminate food. Whole grains and high fibre fruits and vegetables help to speed up the transit of food in the intestine for elimination and also helps mop up any toxins and potential harmful substances. If you eat high sugar breakfast choices then the opposite can happen leading to decreased absorption of nutrients and even robbing your body of nutrients to help eliminate this nutrition-less food from your body.

Choose high fibre, Highly Nutritious Natural Breakfast Options, add berries, real fruit "not dried", Use natural yogurt instead of milk, don't add sugar to your breakfast, have decaf tea and coffee and most importantly as soon as you wake drink 1 pint of water before breakfast every day without fail.

Best of health.

Sam Allen 

Personal Trainer Sheffield


Since Fat is what you actually want to lose on a weight loss programme it's essential you understand what it actually is. A visit to the local butcher will help. Ask him to show you a pound of fat. It's the size of a small brick.


The idea that a body can lose 7lb of "actual" fat in a week is ridiculous. The actual fat loss on a optimum plan is around 2 max 3lb per week. Any further weight loss will be almost certainly water loss and will come back very quickly.


If you consume too many carbohydrates than what you need currently for energy the excess is turned into glycogen which are stored firstly in the muscles and then in the liver. If your carbohydrate "Glycogen" stores are full then the excess will be converted into fat and then stored as fat, if you eat less than your body needs then the Glycogen will be released and broken down for energy allowing your body to replenish its stores of carbohydrate rather than laying it down as layers of fat cells around your organs and in your surface tissues. As your glycogen "carbohydrate stores" deplete you the access fat stores which are then broken back down into glycogen


So from this Fat Fact we can then determine that if we eat less and exercise more then we will become slim, right? well actually in my opinion we must first address why we over eat in the first place, this is why I am an advocate for weight loss supplements initially to help get control of the appetite, then once you are rolling steadily on your consistent programme you will start to address the issues behind your over eating.


How many calories do you need? we will cover this in my next post.


Best of health.


Sam Allen

Personal Trainer Sheffield

Calories & Weight Loss

An apple contains approximately 100 calories. So in theory if you eat 1 apple less per day then you will lose 36,500 calories in one year. 1 lb of fat is the equivalent of around 4000 calorie...s. That means you would lose 10lb in the first year "EATING 1 LESS APPLE PER DAY", 3 1/2 stone by the fifth year, 7 stone after 10 years, all by eating 1 less apple per day, right?

The point I would like to make is, Metabolism is defined by the bodies ability to turn food into energy. When we consume food which is devoid of nutrition the body will find it hard to turn this food into energy, this type of junk food will also be devoid of life giving vitamins and minerals which are the catalyst for every function in your body. This leads to a poor metabolism and forces your body to store excess energy as stubborn fat cells.

It's definitely not just how much food you eat which determines health and weight gain it's mainly the types of foods you eat. Ditch the junk, you won't regret it.

Best of health.


Sam Allen

Personal Trainer Sheffield

Genetics & Weight Gain Or Weight Loss?

Can Genetics Make Us Gain Weight?

The Answer Is Definitely NO. And this is why.

Let's look at 2 scenarios.

I Plant 2 identical Sunflower seeds, with identical genes, I plant them both in the exact same way in the same earth, compost although I put one on the window sill and the other under the sink cupboard.

Seed 1 is on the window sill and will receive all the water it requires, the sunlight it needs and all the fresh air available.
Seed 2 Is placed under the sink, still given water although no access to fresh air or sunlight, what's the result?

Seed 1 turns into a beautiful Sunflower Seed 2 stays as a seed under the sink.

The important thing to take from this analogy is that the environment we create within our body has a direct result on our genetic code. The analogy would also work in respect to humans, with 1 human having plenty of fresh air, the right amount of clean water and the right amounts of excellent nutrition, Human 2 Sat on the sofa, drinking fizzy pop or alcohol and eating processed unnatural foods devoid of life giving and health enhancing nutrition.

Genes alone cannot and will not determine your height, size, weight, athletic ability and so on. The environment you create for those Genes to flourish in is ultimately the reason for weight gain or poor health. You can choose to create the right environment or the wrong environment and ultimately reap the rewards or suffer the consequences.

So treat your body with respect, give it plenty of fresh air, water it often and feed it on highly nutritious foods to achieve a fantastic result inside and out. I promise you won't regret it.

Best of health.

Sam Allen

Personal Trainer Sheffield

Effective Training To Build Muscular Size

No 1 Training Tip To Gain Muscular Size:

Lift The Correct Weight. Many people focus far too much on which particular exercises they are using and how many reps and how much protein they're consuming. The truth is, simply lifting to muscular failure or picking up a weight and presuming it's heavy enough because it's heavy isn't enough on a structured size programme.

Firstly, decide are you going to use machines? Barbells? Dumbbells? Kettle bells or are you simply again just going to walk around the gym and do loads of different exercises on loads of kit and expect to see results.

My advice would be, to perform a 10 minute gentle cardio prep, 20 minutes varied machines focusing on the 3 muscle groups you are going to hit in that 1 session do 3 sets of 15 on 60% your max on each machine. 
Then go to the weights area and find a set of dumbbells which if you did 10 reps of you could just about get to 8 reps then have the next weight down ready to perform the last 2 reps.
This technique allows you to progressively lift more giving you enhanced results and increased strength as well as your gains. Perform this technique on the 3 muscle groups you have chosen to train that day.

I will explain more soon on how to choose which muscle groups to train on each day.

Best of health.

Sam Allen.
Personal Trainer Sheffield

Calories & Weight Loss

As you can see from our previous weight loss advice post, Not all calories are created equal in the world of weight loss and health gain.


Now, please do remember consuming calories is not all about losing weight. You may currently want to lose weight although the goal is to address your reasons for over eating in the first place and to teach you how to consume the best type of calories and to ditch the unhealthy calories.


Your Daily Calorie Requirement:


BODYWEIGHT IN LBS X 11 =  Daily calorie need or known as your BMR.


This number of calories is required purely for healthy function of your body, every bodily process you use such as, heart function, lung function, kidney function, Liver Function, Brain etc not counting the trillions of cells exchanging information every second every day. This machine requires fuel so give it the amount it requires to do its job.


Best of health.


Sam Allen

Personal Trainer Sheffield

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